Address from the general manager

Editor in chief of the standard of Acrilic electrophoretic paint for aluminium alloy extruded profiles for architecture

Editor of the standard of Aluminum Alloy Profiles for Frameworks of Solar Cells

Editor of the standard of GB/T 5237.3 Wrought aluminium alloy extruded profiles for architecture—Part 3 Electrophoretic coating profiles

Editor of the standard of GB/T8013.2 Anodic oxide coatings and organic polymer coatings on aluminium and its alloys-Part2:Combined coatings

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China large electrophoretic paint manufacturing base

1478247776222877.pngGeneral manager: Lin Qianlong

Since establishment, having been offered great support from people of all social circles, Hengxing Company has grown up rapidly and has been a well-known enterprise in Chinese electrophoretic paint industry. Hereby, on behalf of all staff of Hengxing Company, I express heartfelt thanks to customers and friends from all social circles!

Insisting on the enterprise spirit of “honesty, cooperation and innovation”, for over 10 years,Hengxing Company has ceaselessly obtained new breakthrough in electrophoretic paint technology development, guided the industry standard and introduced foreign intelligence so that its R&D strength is enormous.

Upholding the business concept of “sincerity and double-win”, for over 10 years, Hengxing Company has cooperated with numerous customers faithfully, with sales marketing network all over the country, its technical service gets closest to individuation of customers and the products is popular in the market.

Sticking to the enterprise values of “do professional matters with professional heart”, for over ten years, Hengxing Company has planned at a lofty point in production capacity and has realized systematic, standardized and normalized overall quality control and management in enterprise operation.

Facing the future, Hengxing Company has stronger sense of mission. It is the unchangeable goal of Hengxing Staff “to develop the leading brand  of  electrophoretic paint industry in china”; and it is the mission commitment of Hengxing Staff to make greater contributions to the development of Chinese aluminum sectional materials, automobile and relative industries.

Hengxing Staff will strive forward on the road of specialization, refinement and branding. The past of Hengxing Company has benefited from the support offered by friends of all social circles and trust of numerous customers for many years. Today and future of Hengxing Company need more your care and vigorous help, I cordially expect to cooperate with more friends sincerely and step forward with more colleagues hand in hand to run towards the brilliant future of Chinese electrophoretic paint industry!