Why commercial buildings in the double curtain wall application so little
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Let's take a look at the double curtain wall before answering the reason.
The double curtain wall, also known as hot channel curtain wall, breathing curtain wall, ventilation curtain wall, energy-saving curtain wall, etc., from the inside and outside the two-story facade structure, forming an indoor and outdoor air buffer layer.  The outer layer can be composed of a frame, a hidden frame or a dotted curtain wall. The inner layer can be made up of doors, concealed curtain walls, or doors and windows with open fans and access passages, or glass surfaces on both sides of an independent support structure to form a double elevation structure with a smaller space distance. According to the double-layer ventilation curtain wall openings in the indoor or outdoor different, can be divided into two-cycle ventilation curtain wall and inner circulation double-layer ventilation curtain wall two.
Double curtain wall features
1. The air between the double curtain walls can be ordered to flow and exchange;
2. The structure includes the outer wall of the curtain wall, the central space of the curtain wall and the outer surface of the inner surface of the curtain wall.
Double curtain wall advantages
1.Unique double-layer structure
Double-layer breathing curtain wall according to the principle of ventilation is divided into two kinds of natural ventilation and forced ventilation system, mainly by the outer curtain wall, inner curtain wall, shade device, into the wind device, the wind device. Compared with the traditional ordinary curtain wall, the biggest characteristic is its unique double structure, the middle of the air circulation layer, with ventilation function, heat insulation, sound insulation, energy saving and environmental protection; using no glue process, completely changed the traditional curtain wall The structure of the facade, generous appearance, no secondary pollution of silicone rubber.
2. Factory production
The factory production of high degree of easy installation, easy to control the construction quality. In the developed countries and regions in Europe, ventilation and energy conservation and environmental protection curtain wall is widely used.
3.Good thermal performance
Curtain wall heat transfer coefficient K value of up to 1W / K.m ² or so, insulation and sound insulation can achieve excellent performance, can significantly reduce air conditioning energy consumption.
4. Good physical performance
The airtightness and water tightness of the curtain wall are mainly formed by the multi-channel strips, and the formation of "multi-cavity decompression, isobaric and water repellent, decompression and decompression" is ensured in the structure. The key parts adopt the new type, An increase of anti-corrosion and anti-aging of the tape.
5. Improve sound insulation performance
Two-story structure of the curtain wall is particularly important because of its excellent sound insulation, not only can be separated from inside and outside the noise, but also between the rooms and between the floor noise, even if the inner doors and windows open can also be a single curtain wall closures When the sound insulation effect. According to the professional bodies of different double-wall structure of the curtain wall of the sound insulation effects were studied and detected, found that the opening area and location of the impact of noise, the greatest impact on the sound insulation is the largest ventilation area and opening position.
Double curtain wall has such a benefit, why double curtain wall fresh in the daily building?
One of the big reasons is that the cost of their own cost plus maintenance and management costs are expensive, for now, double curtain wall is only a decline in energy consumption. On the other hand, the complexity of the technology is also part of the reason, because the double curtain wall in addition to a number of elevation structure, but also contains the shade system, ventilation system and control system, each system construction technology stack increases the construction coefficient and construction The overall layout of the consideration.  Moreover, to determine the use of double curtain wall as a design element is often a comprehensive process, not just from the appearance or energy to consider a point of view. Taking into account, for example, the actual use of the building from the function, for example, now use double or multi-storey curtain wall buildings are mostly high-rise commercial office or some landmark buildings, there are ordinary public buildings such as school buildings.  For these buildings, the double curtain wall in the use of the process to bring the benefits far more than its cost, and for the transformation of existing buildings, the use of double glass curtain wall is a relatively easy to implement and the actual effect of a good means. For example: frame glass curtain wall is the car and T-head with the train, the unit-style glass curtain wall is high-speed rail, and double glass curtain wall is the sky plane.

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