Matt and transparent anode electrophoretic paint of HLG-500 acrylic acid emulsion is researched and developed by company’s Japanese experts, adopted full set of, testing equipment and imported raw materials, this kind of anode and extinct electrophoretic paint is developed with macro absorption resin extinction technology, which is special developed for high-decoration painting of aluminum profile. In addition to the common features of electrophoretic paint, it also has the following features:
1. The product belongs to emulsion paint, with features of low viscosity and easy to refill; the bath has good stability and is easy to manage.
2. Electrophoretic film has superior weather resistance, excellent drug resistance and physical properties.
3. When painting in horizontal or vertical hang, it can achieve the effect of stable film appearance.
4. The product is a kind of matt and transparent clear varnish with single component, the paint film has especially good leveling property, adjustable glossiness, excellent adhesion and high hardness.
5. The quality of the products reaches international standard requirements, which cancompletely substitute imported goods.

Paint Quality Index


Painting Process Parameter


Film Performance Index


Package and Storage

1. Package: 50 kilograms or 200 kilograms /barrel, packed in plastic barrel.

2.  Store in the dry and ventilated warehouse at 0- 30℃, no sunlight exposure is allowed, and keep away from heat source and fire. In the meantime, take care to avoid freezing at low temperature in the winter.

3.  The effective storage life is 6 months. If it exceeds 6 months, it can also be used when passing inspections.